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 Cead mile failte

(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)


Me aged seven

Greetings and salutations, visitors to my page!
I hope you are enjoying yourselves. My name is Delilah, and I assure you I've already heard just about any comment you would care to make about that. Please call me Dee, or DeeDee.

I am 34 in this life in which I have lived in the spare, cold north and in  Connecticut, land of Martha Stewart living and Laura Ashley clothes, and now in New York City. I'm not complaining. I was raised in Florida and miss it dreadfully. Some of that comes out in my poetry sometimes.

This place is the culmination of a love/hate affair with my computer ... and a love/love affair with my webmaster ... smile. (You can meet him in the Guests section ... the computer I threaten to trash almost every day, and I may have even done it by now!*)

"Flaming June" by Lord Deighton (23585 bytes) I hope you enjoy reading my work and my guests. Bob Ayres seems to sum up an era. He is missed.

Thanks for showing up, and please sign my guest book and leave any comments you have. To report any problems with content or links just click to me and my webmaster. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photograph top-left: DeeDee, aged 7.
Painting bottom-right:
Flaming June by Lord Leighton


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