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Woman to woman
The Harlot Visits the Cemetery
Property Rights
Color Me Brazenberry
The Kiss Off


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Woman to Woman

The woman next door rushes at me full force,
Chinese paper dragon in a San Francisco parade;
her native tongue snaps back, forth – cymbals,
drums discordant to one too naïve to follow
her fireworks. She swears I pilfered kin
from her yard, stole idolized ore, boulders
that bore the names of her dead. She calls the cops;
I call her crazy. We split along the bias. In May,
she moves to Tucson to midwife for her daughter.

In a Year of the Monkey a decade later, I spend
days sketching pictographs of foremothers
on sacred stones outside my home: Honor, Health,
Compassion, Imagination, Knowledge, Loyalty,
Art, Whimsy, Beauty, Laughter, Love. I birth
bottle rockets, scrawl Serendipity in flagrant
Oriental Red across my breasts to scare the beast.
I invite my Sicilian neighbor to Guo Nian.
She says I'm crazy and she doesn't eat Moroccan.

~ MJM, March, 2001

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The Harlot Visits the Cemetery

(‘til Death Do Us Part)

A lock of hair lifted by November wind
falls across the cigarette she dangles from her lips.
It strikes her funny. They would have liked seeing
her head go up in flames. They would have said

she was getting her just desserts. If they had known.
But no one knew. There were cigarettes then, too --
afterwards; vintage merlots -- before. And a journal
he shared with only her. The same book

she has tucked beneath the leather jacket she wears.
Pictures of his performance on stages in New York.
Leaping lightly from the wooden floor. Dance
itself. Photos of poise suspended in mid-

flight. And personal thoughts he chose to record
before a wife, a lover and a mortgage befuddled him.
She'd stolen nothing but love, so she believed
she had a right to slip the journal from the shelf.

Everyone else at the wake was preoccupied
with the widow, and hams, hugs and flowers.
No one realizes the harlot needs comforting
as well. She couldn't fall to her knees.

She couldn't wail too loud or too long;
had no right to a public display of dramatics.
In the cemetery after everyone has gone,
she falls to her knees, wails too loud, too long,

flogs the freshly mounded earth with her fists.
She needs to pull him from the ground, pound
his skeletal chest, demand to know why
he'd chosen to die as he had lived. The dance

suspended in mid-flight. Those riding past
mistake her for a widow getting her just desserts.
Exhausted, she rolls from her knees to sit
with her back against his headstone for support.

Opens the journal, reads his own intents aloud
to him; lights cigarette after cigarette. Reads until
his virtue freezes solid in a frigid November wind.

 ~ MJM, August 17, 1998

(Featured in the February 2001 edition of Mentress Moon)

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'Til It Comes Back Around

push coconut sunscreen to back of cabinet; take last whiff;
scrub racks, hose down barbecue, roll into garage, cover;
stand naked in the rain, conduct thunder and lightning;
pull dying flowers, rake ground, clean flowerpots, cry;
pack cotton dresses, store sandals, stow straw purse;
peel off linen slipcovers, send them to drycleaners;
clean picnic basket, wash red-checked tablecloth;
eat final sun-warmed tomato and bing cherries;
whisper goodbye to fireflies, crickets, lizards;
remove window screens, repair holes, weep;
take off wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses;
unplug cord, put away ice cream machine;
close windows, turn off fan; whimper;
curse Persephone and pomegranates;
stare directly into amethyst sunset;
tug the drapes, shut the blinds
flick off the lights, wither;
fold myself inside
myself and

~ MJM, September 13, 1998

(Featured from 8/2000 to 12/2000 at The Poet's Porch)

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Property Rights

(formerly titled: "Where I'm From")
Absentminded flips through canvases
at the sidewalk sale offer little
beyond Gauguin- and Matisse-like
reproductions selling by the pound
like flounder at the fishmonger's.

Pitiful imitations of the masters.
Slightly raw, left to rot unnoticed
like a bunch of half-eaten halibuts
flopping in the back of the fridge.

I stumble upon a canvas
unlike all the others. Finely crafted,
labored over laboriously; no detail left
uncooked, brush strokes meld to linen.

The view is from the patio

of a chalk-colored villa set on a crevice
in the cliffs. White sails bob
in the harbor below, black hibiscus blooms
in all the flowerpots. The sea is a hue
that hasn't been born yet.

A single deck chair lounges
naked and turning tan; the crystal glass
of Beaujolais begs the sapphire sky
to take a dip, tint its liquid purple as a plum.

"This is where I'm from," I announce.
"I thought you were born in New Jersey?
That definitely ain't New Jersey,"
you rudely remind me.

I prop the canvas upright on the cement,
step inside the landscape. Strip off
my clothing, pick up my glass of wine.
Drink the whole of it deeply,
own the harbor of where I'm from.

~ MJM, August 30, 1998
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Color Me Brazenberry

The lipstick on my dressing table
is my mother. It hovers there,
makes my lips round into an "O."
I mimicked the way she shaped
her mouth when all I had to stain
my skin were summer strawberries.

The lipstick is the overt flirt dressed
in Chinese Red, longing to mambo,
to feel one strong hand placed low
on her hip. She moves her feet in time
with his, steps on his toes with grace.

The lipstick is an arrow to womanhood,
shot with dexterity. When it pierces
a man, he bleeds lust like blood, pleads
to have your Violet X-treme name
smeared in wild streaks below his navel.

The lipstick is a heady stem of wine
raised to engorged lips. Claret, burgundy,
or bordeaux reminds the reformed
alcoholic why he drank. Pour another,
he says, and after that, pour one more.

The lipstick is a knife, turns flesh
from pale to plum. Words sharpen
as they pass over the blade,
too well honed to be ignored.
People listen to a lipsticked mouth.

Lipstick is mother, flirt, arrow, wine,
knife -- a weapon masquerading as a beauty
enhancement product. Armed with a phallus
such as this, the last thing women
should be accused of is penis envy

~ MJM on September 12, 1998

(Featured in the February 2001 edition of Mentress Moon)

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The Kiss Off

If this is the lunch
Where you tell me
your relationship with Her is so much better
you've really worked things out this time
you must direct all your energies to Her
you're determined as hell to keep it alive
you can't split yourself in two directions anymore
gee whiz, I've been swell about the whole thing

Save it -
I know the lines.

Go away quietly
And let me believe
You're above all that.

I wasn't really very hungry, anyway
I'm ten times stronger than you think.

~ MJM, June 10, 1998
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