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New set

There are descriptions for most of these new pictures. Click on a linked caption for more information about that picture or Click here to see all the descriptions.
These pictures are all a maximum of 800x600 pixels. Click on any picture to see it full size.


LagoonDetail600.jpg (264038 bytes)

HelixDetail600.jpg (389831 bytes)

Pillars600.jpg (416866 bytes)

Galaxy800x600.jpg (399043 bytes) JupiterFamily800x600.jpg (217365 bytes)
View of the "twisters" in the Lagoon Nebula Cometery knots around a dying star, the Helix Nebula. Eagle Nebula. Stellar "eggs" emerge from molecular cloud Magnificent details in a dusty spiral galaxy Jupiter and the Galilean satellites, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
Jupiter800x600.jpg (188795 bytes) Mars2800x600.jpg (256851 bytes) GalMoon800x600.jpg (226133 bytes) ApolloEarthrise800x600.jpg (123682 bytes) MoonEarth800x600.jpg (134162 bytes)
Jupiter's Great Red Spot Late spring on Mars Three filter colour image of the Moon View of rising Earth above the Lunar horizon The Earth and Moon
Saturn800x600.jpg (109277 bytes) wpe19.jpg (43623 bytes) GreenSun600.jpg (331513 bytes) GoldSun600.jpg (324541 bytes) redSun600.jpg (382861 bytes)
Infrared image of Saturn Saturn's Aurora The sun I The sun II The sun III
VenusUltra800x600.jpg (362788 bytes) BlueVenus800x600.jpg (90455 bytes) Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula - 0006y.jpg (507286 bytes)    
Ultraviolet image of Venus' clouds Venus' clouds Complex structure within the Carina Nebula    

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Original set
(No descriptions)

SN1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud - 9904y.jpg (406262 bytes) A Bird's Eye View of a Galaxy Collision - 0034y.jpg (409231 bytes) The Glowing Eye of NGC 6751 - 0012y.jpg (488322 bytes) A Cosmic Searchlight - 0020y.jpg (489292 bytes) NGC 4013 - A Galaxy on the Edge - 0107y.jpg (509305 bytes)
Close-up View of a Reflection Nebula in Orion - 0010y.jpg (515175 bytes) Hubble Sees the Glow of Star Formation - 0101y.jpg (500832 bytes) Hubble Peeks into a Stellar Nursery - 0030y.jpg (488854 bytes) IC 418-The Spirograph Nebula - 0028y.jpg (496754 bytes) Galactic Silhouettes - 0014y.jpg (486947 bytes)
Peering into the Heart of the Crab Nebula - 0015y.jpg (488033 bytes) Hubble Deep Field South Unveils Myriad Galaxies - 9841ay.jpg (470985 bytes) Ghostly Reflections in the Pleiades - 0036y.jpg (510756 bytes) A Dying Star in Globular Cluster M15 - 0025y.jpg (511677 bytes) A Grazing Encounter Between Two Spiral Galaxies - 9941y.jpg (427967 bytes)
Fireworks of Star Formation Light Up a Galaxy - 0001y.jpg (512022 bytes) Ant nebula MZ3 - 0105y.jpg (509420 bytes) Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula - 0006y.jpg (507286 bytes)    

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