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I. Young Goddess

She lives lightly in pictures
taken among the rocks at the edge of the sea.
Naked and heart-stoppingly beautiful
with fair perfect skin, tints
of rose and milk and coral, glittering
ocean-eyes behind long loose hair,
ends just brushing the curve of her ass
as she smiles. Is this contrived
seduction, the contrast of stone
against her full young breast,
her smile that promises elemental delight?
Other women, sisters all,
can understand this blatant glory and desire.

II. Hearth Keeper

Such great concern over a woman's body
and its functions, fluids! After she's
used as receptacle, intensely desired,
she's brought to bed, children and years
fertile in her belly white as ewe's milk.
Church the goddess and make her pure
mother, and in this, forget all the fires
lit for her--lust, birth, healing;
the forges of metal and of words.
She is quiet at the hearth, wise,
the forms of her daughters taking men's breath
in the cycle of glory and desire.

III. Brigit

The BrideHer body has been worn
into gentle hills and valleys
by the glaciation of years. Snow
mantles the Mother and streaks white
her hair at Candlemas. The Great Goddess,
the Bright One, stretches relentless
veined hands toward the three's
woman-warmth. Feared and worshipped,
beauty, mother and crone, they understand
as men cannot, the power of desire.

Delilah ~ Candlemas, 2001

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