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The Poems

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 Summer's Lease
Learning to Spin Straw
Study After Velazquez
Leda's Granddaughter
The Apothecary Shop
Only Writing
Love Beyond
In The Cove
Sister Triptych
At Altitude
The Beginning of Everything
Building on Sand
Seducing the Artist
To Die in Queensland
The Last Sense
The Moon and Asceticism
The City and the Woman
The Colour of the Crossroad
A Deeper Intimacy
Before the Hurricane Arrives
Water Lily Gallery
This Same Circle
Nothing Without Joy
Now and Again
Peace Roses
Salt Water
Six Sonnets
Summer Solstice
Tryptych I
Tryptich II
Tryptych III
Twilight Spent
While You Sleep
Winter Triptych
Woman Song
Wreakage and Memories

My writing

The Sorceress (38802 bytes)
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I started writing at age eleven; furious, adolescent tirades about the injustice of life. I was about as good at it as you might expect.

In my life as a writer now, I can only paraphrase Erica Jong and say that "I hope to be a better writer at forty than I was at twenty."

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