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Sister Triptych

For My Sister (For All My Sisters)

You are such strong joy,
The fluttery barefooted one
Whoís always always always
Firmplanted & there
Watching me impale a shrimp
On the huge hook ó
Fishing at the port in filmy haze.

Drop it.
Iíll feel the pull of tiny stripping
Mouths like your own future baby/lover
Urgent at your breast.
The hookís way too big
(Ambitions! Expectations!)
Comes up empty though the fish are full.

Goldenglow sister,
Your wide china eyes have seen
All our errors under & over.
But hell, they suck you too &
Vicious little fish rend flesh.
Canít touch the barbed steel coreó
Itís both of us.


For My Sister, Many Years Later

Emphatically have your seasons passed
And not in silenceó
In bursting ripeness, wide-hipped, fecund.
Wild gold children; plants with
Sturdy stalks.
Your plain sweeps broad and fair
With grain, nourishing, candid.
You are your manís solace,
Your childrenís strong safe

I have no reason to doubt your happiness.
You who were a barefoot sunsprite;
Slender, generousó
You who soothed a jellyfish sting,
When we were children, long ago
In sunlight.

Emphatically have your seasons passed
In love, and labouró
Content in your landlocked garden.
The salty wind of our childhood sea
Sighs warmly through your nursery.



Love is bearing, violation, surrender.
It is a darkened, restless room and then
the flooding light after midday summer.
It is bodily fluids and their mixing.
It is nourishment.

You are strong in the understanding of furrows,
of gestation through seasons, of bearing.
The woman who wipes away the birth-blood
from your thighs and the floor is not
your mother, nor your sister.

She is a woman with no face,
like Saint Veronica. The Rorschach imprint
in your blood is from a boy-child,
son of growth and sweetness, now
lifted apart, away, separate.


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