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Triptych I

Past Perfect
Present Tense
Future Pleasures

Past Perfect

Honour each other with words,
With fleeting flashing images like
Brief seasons of comets.

Remember each other in visions,
With incandescent moments like
Breathing days of pleasure.

Surrender each other too early,
With disbelieving reaching like
Crevasses of icy emptiness.

Regain each other in rebirth,
With newborn chances like
Dawn at the outset of the world.

~ Delilah, June 14, 1998 

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Present Tense

Desolate without you, I who
Wish to be so strong.
I celebrate you in my thoughts,
You with the woman of your
Hands and your future.

Existing without you, I who
Breathe through each hour, not strong.
I accept this pain as price,
As place, as purgatory -
All that was past and perfect.

Sensing without you, I who
Have always known you were not mine.
I release you, my darling, with
Love and memories of laughter -
In grace, and strength, and peace.

~ Delilah,  June 14, 1998 

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Future Pleasures  

I will know the pleasures of aloneness -
Sheets crisp and ever so slightly smelling of bleach ...
Not sweat or secretions or secrets.
Nine books in a haphazard pile, with
Half finished poems and secrets sticking out.
Hours dreaming in the bath, the water scented,
Pulsing with my own and my secrets.

Pleasures will mine, for I have earned and paid -

Sleep and read and bathe in sheer cascading aloneness.
I invite it caress and enter me,
Pervade and possess me ...
Then I want to reach - reach far -
Feel your hand electric connect ...
In the time and place of no more secrets.

~ Delilah, June 10, 1998

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