History and Virginity Lost, Part 2

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History And Virginity Lost
Part 2


THE RIDE down Fairmont Valley Road was a winding picturesque descent through several miles of green rolling hills. The estates were all bordered by the white corral type fencing of what my father always referred to as "the gentleman horse farms"

Lisa and I had done a respectable job of making ourselves rather hot on the trip down. She had unsnapped her cutoffs and stretched out invitingly on the back seat leaning up against me. Sheíd also managed slip her bra off under her shirt. It lay bunched up on the seat next to us. Iíll be dammed if, to this day, I can figure out how women do that. We were groping each other furiously when Karen turned around in the front seat

"Well, will you look at these two?" she said

"No. I wonít", said Ducky, Taking her head in his hand and politely turning it back, "remember, thatís our seat on the trip back"

"hmmm", was her only reply as she stole one last glance

Lisa flashed a "so there" kind of grin back at her. She seemed to have this sort of little sister sexual one-upmanship thing going on with Karen. In any event she was definitely more forward whenever her sister was around. It wasnít the first time Iíd noticed it

The road came to an end at a ĎTí intersection in the center of Fairmont Valley. Gene turned right, proceeding slowly through the town in the gathering dusk

"It looks deserted", said Karen. Not that it was usually a bustling hive of activity or anything . It was the sort of place where they would roll up the sidewalks at sundown if they had any sidewalks to roll up. Still, the sleepy little burg did look quite a bit more quiet than usual. It was sort of eerie. Like a ghost town. The entire downtown area of Fairmont Valley consisted of four buildings. A firehouse, a private girlís school vacated for the summer, a meeting hall and a large wood frame Victorian edifice that housed a combination gas station/general store/post office. A faded sign over the door read simply LINDYíS

Lindyís was a regular stop on the Black River Falls itinerary. Weíd usually breeze in for cigarettes and cold cokes. They were always open late but tonight they were closed. Gene headed on

Our destination was at the far end of town and we passed through a sparse residential area along the way. There were only a few houses but I noticed that in just about all of them I could see the blue-gray light of TV sets. It was the only sign of life in Fairmont Valley as we started up the one lane unpaved road that led out of town and to the falls

The way was tricky. The single lane Black River Road was hewn literally out of the side of a mountain. It allowed traffic both ways with occasional narrow pullouts for yielding to on coming cars. On one side a wall of shale and rock outcroppings rose up. On the opposite side the road bed fell abruptly off into a deep ravine, the constant ssshhhhhh of water rushing over rocks audible from fifty feet below. Actually, the initial drop was only about six or seven feet, but still, it wasnít the sort of place youíd want your car to lose the road

The second pullout marked the spot where a foot path lead to the river and Gene opted to K-turn the car right there rather than to drive all the way to the far end and turn around. Most people would have thought the move to be suicide but Gene had done it dozens of times and had it down to a science

There was this guy who hung out with us from time to time, Danny OíBrien. He was OK I guess but he had an ego the size of Texas. He saw Gene do the K-turn on Black River Road once and decided that if Gene could do it must be a cinch. He ended up backing his car right off the embankment. It was his pride and joy. A 1958 Mercedes four door. We just laughed our asses off

Gene cut the wheel hard to the left and eased the car slowly into the bank until we could hear the shale crunching against the bumper. He then backed off carefully Cutting hard to the right. Lisa and I looked out the rear window. The Mercuryís massive rear deck protruded out over the drop. Suddenly the rear left tire began to lose ground and slip off the edge. Gene goosed the car forward. The tire caught and regained the road. I turned around, more than a little bit shook, and found myself face to face with Gene looking over the back seat

"Thank God for posi-traction", he said blithely then spun back to the wheel guiding the Merck into its berth. Getting from the road to the river was no easy task. Gene opened the trunk and pulled out two beach towels while Ducky and I made the first leap down the embankment. From there we could ease the girls down. A path then wove itís way down into the ravine to the falls. As we started down with Gene bringing up the rear Ducky remarked,

"You know if itís tough finding our way now itís gonna be damm near impossible later when itís full dark"

"Not to worry", said Gene, "I have a flashlight". He produced the light from out of nowhere and switched it on illuminating the path ahead

Gene was like that. He was always prepared for anything and always seemed to have whatever was needed at any given time in his pocket or his trunk. Like the towels. Who knew weíd need them? At times it was uncanny. I remember once we were playing a gig and I broke the D string on my guitar while setting up. I didnít have a spare handy

"Damm", I said "I broke a string"

"Which one?" asked Gene, hooking up his amp

"The D"

"Here ya go" he replied flipping an envelope from his pocket

The envelope contained a single Ernie Ball flat wound D string. From the keyboard player. Who can explain these things?

The path ended at a large rock ledge that jutted out about eight feet above the falls. The river narrowed to less than ten feet just upstream of the ledge and the concentrated stream of water cascaded forcefully over a big smooth rock into a large open area below that formed a pool. The pool was about sixty feet across with half a dozen small coves, several of which had their own little waterfalls. It was a beautiful spot. Not another one like it anywhere on the Black River

"Well", Ducky said breaking the ice. "If you ladies arenít offended I believe Iíll swim naked tonight"

"Oh weíre not offended at all", said Karen, "In fact Iíd really like to see this. How bout you Lisa? You wanna see this?"

"Yes", Lisa replied, "I think I would"

Karen folded her arms and leered at Ducky who called her bluff and began peeling off his clothes. Gene and I followed suit. We all knew that the girls would never get naked until we did

Ducky and I enjoyed showing off though, I suspect for different reasons. We were friends but we were different. Ducky, a year older than me, was the popular type. He was what I always termed a crossover guy. In the sixties you always hung out with your own crowd. Jocks with the jocks, motorheads with the motorheads, hippies with the hippies etc. Everybody liked Ducky so he socialized with them all. He had the thin muscled body of a gymnast and was hung like a porn star. I, on the other hand, while trailing ducky somewhat in equipment, was tall with broad shoulders and a hairy chest. At sixteen it gave my body a decidedly adult look. One thing I learned early on is that most young girls are intrigued by older men. Hence an adult looking bod could work to oneís advantage. It certainly seemed so for Lisa. As I shed my jeans and shirt she never took her eyes off of me. Except maybe for a quick glance at Duckyís magnificent equipment. Who could blame her?

I was down to just my Jockeys and I gave Lisa a defiant look. She smiled slyly and I slipped them down giving her the full monty. She blushed but never looked away

"So. How bout you?", I asked Lisa. "You wanna get naked?"

"Oh, of course". Lisa replied in a definite tone

Karen shot her a surprised look as she pulled off her shirt. Her bra still in the back seat of the car, Lisa stood topless in her cutoffs issuing an unspoken dare to her sister. Karen stood aghast with her mouth wide open for a moment. Then, looking a bit exasperated, slipped off her gauze Indian top and bra. She no sooner had them off when Lisa unsnapped the cutoffs and slowly began to unzip them

"all right already", said Karen coming into compliance

It may sound cruel, but I kind of enjoyed watching Lisa give her sister the business. I could never say for certain why or what, but there was something about Karen that I didnít like. There was this sort of underlying insincerity. I always got the impression that she only went with Ducky because he was popular. Being with him made her the envy of half the girls in Morristown. I sometimes wondered if sheíd care a damm for him if he were just a face in the crowd

Karen and Lisa, though only a year apart, were so different that one probably would never guess that they were sisters. Where Karen was tall, dark and alluring Lisa was short bouncy and busty. Where Karen was sexy and beautiful Lisa was perky and cute. By most conventional wisdom Karen was the one most boys would go for, but I could never get past Lisa. She had a naÔve honesty that was a huge turn on for me. Down to their panties was as far as the girls were willing to go in a social setting. A few stolen glances at Karen not withstanding, the sight of Lisa clad only in canary yellow bikini briefs made me harder than Chinese algebra

If Ducky and I liked to show off and the girls liked to challenge each other Gene had an entirely utilitarian attitude about skinny dipping

"Who wantís to drive home in wet clothes?" he said placing his carefully folded duds in a neat pile. He certainly had a knack for making just about anything seem perfectly normal. I sometimes thought that Gene could walk down Madison Avenue stark naked and never attract any attention to himself

At Black River Falls there were three ways to get into the water. If you were strong you could wade out to the big rock and ride the rapids down to the pool like a big water slide. Not an easy ride buff naked. You could jump or dive off the rock ledge into the pool but diving eight feet into five feet of water never seemed entirely safe to me, especially in a rocky area. Then there was the easy way. You could climb down the rocks to the pool and simply wade in from there. Lisa and I decided on the easy way

I took the lead and guided her down to the pool. The rocks were slippery near the edge and she put her arm over my shoulder for support, her ample breasts rubbing me as we waded into the water. I let my hand wander down to the small of her back and lightly trace the contour of her butt. Once we were waist deep I turned and in the fading light I could just make out Karen wading in without Ducky. Lisa noticed too

"Did she leave him behind?", she asked

I no sooner shrugged when Ducky came cannonballing off of the rock ledge splashing down in the center of the pool

"You must please excuse me", said Karen passing us by "I have to go and see if my boyfriend is still alive". He was, of course, and the two of them swam over to the far side of the pool

I looked around, wondering where Gene was and caught sight of him at the big rock. Somehow heíd managed to prop himself up against it and was letting the rapid wash over his shoulders. He would lean his head back and a huge splash of water would form cascading all over him

"Hey", I said to Lisa "look at Gene"

"Leave it to Gene", she said. He looked like something out of an ice tea commercial

We swam around for a while at the center of the pool. The water was blessedly cool and felt especially wonderful against my nude body. Ever skinny dip? Itís got to be one of the most free feeling things going. Lisa ran her hands up and down my chest, her boobs bouncing playfully in the water. I slipped my hand into the lacey waistband of her panties found her protruding hot button and massaged it with little circular motions. She grabbed my neck and pulled close, breathing heavily in my ear. Then she pointed out one of the coves under the ledge

"Letís go over there", she said

The cove was secluded and had a waterfall. A small but strong stream of diverted water fell straight down the middle of it. As we made our way into the cozy little spot the water splashed forcefully on us. Lisa loved it

"Kiss me here", she said "I want to feel the water splash all over us while you kiss me"

I positioned us so that we were both dead under the fall. As we drew closer the water sprayed franticly between our faces. I held her tight and kissed her full, deep. Our fingers explored each other as the cascade beat us mercilessly. We drifted slightly apart, the waterfall rushed between us. Suddenly Lisa gasped


"Is something wrong?"

"No", she replied breathlessly "the water!"

I looked down and noticed that my hand was still holding the top of her panties open and the fall was rushing right into them

"Oh", she moaned "Hold me. Hold me so it hits me right there"

She pulled the panties off and let them hang from one ankle. Then she stretched out floating on her back with her legs spread apart. I held on from behind keeping her in position so that the fall gushed right between her legs. She moaned and gasped wriggling in my arms as the water assaulted her clitoris. The panties slipped off of her ankle and were drifting away in the current

"I think you just lost your underwear", I said

She was too swept away to care. She writhed and bucked and beat the back of my neck with her fist. At this point in time in my life Iíd never seen anything like it

"oooooo oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Her body began to shake and I wondered if she might be climaxing. She spun around in my arms out of breath, shaking and spent

"Did you?" I asked

She nodded back with the far away eyes of a girl hot beyond the point of no return

"Oh god I want you in me!", she said wrapping her legs around me. Without thinking I began forcing my cock into the folds of her labia. Suddenly it dawned on me that we were totally unprotected and, unbelievable as it may seem, I made myself stop

"Donít stop!", she gasped

"So", I returned, "Ya wanna make babies?"

"What? Oh!", she said, snapping out of it. "Do you have anything?í

"Right in my pocket", I said, "Unfortunately my pockets are up there". I pointed up at the ledge. Lisa seemed disappointed but I could see the wheels turning behind her eyes. If there was a way for us to get it together this night she was now hell bent on finding it. Suddenly she shifted gears

"Where are my underpants?

"Well", I said "as far as I can figure they should be just passing Lindyís by now"

"Oh no! How the hell am I gonna get out of here?"

"Donít fret my pet", I said "Iíll get you out"

We swam around for a while to cool down. It didnít work. We were both too consumed with the same idea. When we waded back out I told Lisa to wait at the edge of the pool while I got her things

It had been full dark for quite a while and when I got to the ledge I was startled to see the outline of a person sitting on a boulder smoking a joint

"I sure hope thatís you Gene"

"Indeed it is", he replied, switching on the flashlight and offering a hit

I tried as inconspicuously as possible to gather up a towel and Lisaís clothes. Then I asked Gene if I could borrow the torch. He handed it over and asked if everything went well

"As if Iíd tell ya". I said flashing a big thumbs up

I made my way back down and steadied Lisa on the slippery rocks as she dressed. Her body made me nuts. The roundness of her butt sliding the cutoffs up. The firmness of her boobs pulling her shirt back on. I knew now that Iíd never rest until I had her all the way

As we rejoined Gene on the ledge I put my clothes on and wondered where Ducky and Karen Had gotten off to. Feeling around in the pocket of my jeans, I found the little box of condoms Iíd been carrying since Lisa and I first started seeing each other. "Anybody know where Ducky and Karen are?", asked Gene

"Down here", came Duckyís voice from below "You wanna shine that light down for us?" Gene lit the way for them

"I bet they got theirs", Lisa muttered in my ear. I kissed her gently

"Relax my love. The night may not be young but itís barely middle aged yet"


But dance and sing
for others bring the shame
And for a while
you wonít know my name.

Tim Buckley 1967

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