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My guest
Bob Ayres

(1953 ~ 1999)

"Time is not my friend
It moves me closer to the end
Of my sweet warm blue season of desire."


Mornings in my Mind

Fragments of Days

The  Carraige House



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Mornings In My Mind

Is there still a deserted beach somewhere
and is it where I'll find you?
With canvas oil paints and picturesque tunes played on a guitar.
How many times have I burned my lungs
running in these fields of fire?
Chasing the dream I thought would save me
in this season of desire.
In spaceless space and timeless time
making the great escape
mornings in my mind.
It always seems to be the summer I get swept away
in endless days of warm blue dreams.
I need that jolt to stop me flying off in flights of fancy
and living in reality.
I recognize the thing in you that's like biting on a wire.
The pain of seeing too much at an early age.
Because you're not so unique.
We all pay dues in tears of rage
and die before we grow.
I've known the reckless thing in you
that makes your dark desire run wild.
It ends up wanting just to be held safe
in warm arms like a sweet child.
It doesn't matter if it's me that pulls your soul unstuck in time.
But if you stand in darkness feeling for a hand
I hope it's mine that you find.
old on until the warm sun climbs
into a crimson sky,
mornings in my mind.

Bob Ayres, March 28, 1998

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