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Drinkin' Dragon Brew
The How and the Why



Sister Ulv/Calli-Bri

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The wind blows through the grassy plain.
And whispers your name.
The suns golden caress reminds me of your warm embrace.
Gentle rains that fall to earth and quench its thirst,
Hide my tears as I remember your face.
From my dreams,
My nightmares,
My trances in space.
Your voice is a song in my heart.
Your words touch my eyes,
Though my ears hear.
The yearning,
The wanting, the need.
All temptations filtering through,
Touching secret places.
All sensations, all feelings, be they light or dark, matters not.
For we are made up of each of these,
From Heavens purity to Dante’s seven deadly sins.
The cry of the normal world, the one accepted as right,
Looks at me with shaded eyes, confused by what they  see.
They have forgotten what it is to throw caution to the wind.
They have forgotten what it is to experience the rush,
The adrenaline of a dream.
A chance.
A golden moment to hold on to.
To hold fast, clutched tight to their breasts,
The unadulterated abandon and wildness of truth.
I want.
I need.
I see their jealousy.
Why do I need their acceptance?
When all I want,
All I need,
Is you.

~ Sister Ulv©1997

Drinkin’ Dragon Brew

While leaning against the door post one day,
I watched while children on dragon back did play.
Imagining feats of great heroism,
Brandishing wooden swords with fevered barbarism.
I couldn’t help but smile and drift away,
To my own land of imagination I did stray.

In this land the wild horses did ride,
Upon the backs of great Knights with tremendous stride.
Their whinnying  could be heard above the din,
Of the shouting and charging of galloping men.
The enemy of course, were giant sized feet,
The odor quite deadly on these big hunks of meat.

If the odor didn’t get you the squashing would,
No being  or creature in their way stood.
Over the hill in hundreds they came,
Our countryside would never be entirely the same.
The earth she did rattle she did vigorously quake,
At the pounding these demon feet did make.

Could the wild horses save us this time?
Would they protect us on their mounted knights so fine?
All motion stopped as the Captain called to his ranks,
Listen they did while to the good Lord they gave thanks;
For providing them justly with nose guards  an handkerchiefs;
And even one brave horse sported a purple pair of briefs.

But how do you defeat such an menacing  foe?
‘'Tis a secret I tell you and no one else must know.
For when the big foot hits hard on the ground,
A thorough stomping upon them is the only way around.
Hopping up and down the giant feet would then dance,
While the gallant, brave horses poked the bottoms with a lance.

Then hurry away the demon feet did run.
Because getting poked and stomped upon is no fun.
Grabbing large cans all the rest of us would spray,
The fouled up air from the feet parade this day.
Anything can happen, I tell you true,
When cats fly by flappin’ and you’re drinkin’ dragon brew.

~ Sister Ulv, 1998

The How and the Why

So infinitely small is how it begins,
Shifting shape as single threads become one.
Around and around totally bizarre in color,
Until the pattern is outlined and trimmed.

Then comes the fleshing, the point that you make,
How you capture your audience and frost your cake.

Emotions are sprinkles wide in variety.
Designing the pressure points to make them just so.
I want you to laugh, I want you to sing,
I want you to cry on the shoulders of society.

That’s why I write to anyone who will read
Creating is power, with my words I bleed.

~ Sister Ulv, 1998

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Poems on this page Copyright © Sister Ulv/Cali Bri 1997,1988

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