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The City and the Woman

Benevolent and familiar, it reaches
Concrete arms to embrace you.
Soothes you with harbour-ripples,
Entertains you with sudden storms.

Your city...long worn outside and within;
The love-excitement of arrival past, forgotten.
Entrancement of round soft cloud against
Geometry of skyline ... there still. Unnoticed.

Do you overlook the flashing of your city's eyes?
Have you stopped to breathe her fragrance,
Sense her moods, feel her pain and joy and need...
Or has your mind and heart already left?

Benevolent and familiar, she reaches
Softly scented arms to embrace you.
Soothes you with her presence, her permanence.
We all know she wants you, loves you, has you, still.

September 14, 1998

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