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Tryptych II

Omnia Gaudia
Omnia Dulcidines
Omnia Volupta


Omnia Gaudia

Despite the title, I'll tell you I cry
For no reason.
Or any of them, or all of them.
All that was beautiful, or tortuous, or both.
Sometimes I would swim out so far,
The shoreline would look blurry and distant.
I'd wonder if I could swim back
Or wanted to.
Once while waiting for my lover by the Gulf,
I put my face to frangipani blossoms.
They smelled like lovemaking,
Deep and creamy.
Betrayal is like both those times.
I am here to tell you it feels like
Swimming out too far, into intoxicating scent,
And crying.
~ May 27, 1998

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Omnia Dulcidines

"The best way to know life is to love many things." 
 ~V. Van Gogh
I am blessed to be immersed
In the nomenclature of my errors;
Their strong male patronyms -
Hands and words and such,
I laugh when I remember
The varied geography of my mistakes;
Their exotic and compelling place-names -
Flowers and spices and such,
I probably intend a redux
Of glorious screwups with males of my species
From many new continents -
That is, of course, if there are
Any left.
~ May 28, 1998

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Omnia Voluptas

Now I will tell I am today
In sunlight, after long sleep
Shot through with dreams of exorcism.
The artisans at Chartres
Stained the glass dark indigo.
Work transformed to worship, radiant with light.
Renascent, I am that sunshot colour.
Bathed in gold and blue cathedral splendour,
The woman you won't forget.
Omnia gaudia
Omnia dulcidines
Omnia voluptas


~ May 28, 199
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